Heat Wave day out.

Me and Ailis have been best friends since we were as ugly as this...
...and are potentially the only people to not have taken advantage of the weather by sunbathing and drinking all day; but instead decided to see Yoko Ono's exhibition 'TO THE LIGHT' in the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park; details of which are here.

Being an art student, Ailis dragged me to this exhibition, including; a glass maze, an apple (yes just an apple, conceptual nonsense if you ask me) and Ono's infamous film 'FOUR' which is load of bottoms wiggling. If you are pervy enough to check this out it really is quite..erm hypnotising. 

So although I arrived reluctantly..it was worth it. Sort of. 

After all that arty weirdness, we decided a spot of lunch on the river was in order. Mackerel anyone?

This would be Ailis perving at all the topless men. Filth.

Post perving, we got ourselves two Borris Bikes and rode around Hyde Park at sunset. Although initially heavy to ride, it was something I would highly recommend to tourists and Londoners alike.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my obsession with turquoise jewellery, this cuff is a turkish antique from a Soho antique store in New York. One that I trapped back to on my last day especially to get it. Managed to haggle him down to $90.00

My choice of cycling shoes were not the most practical..

From misguided, these black loafers come in various colours, not many left in black but I like the coral colour as well. And I realise if you are sitting there rolling your eyes at seeing needless studs thrown on things you are right, as like me I am quite sick of them..but this was my little exception.

Yes this is our doormat..
50's country singer Ernst Tubb's lyrics hilariously used as door mat. 

Pastel Galaxy

Just a quickie..
Now normally these posts of bloggers modelling their latest purchase, irritate the bejeebies out of me. But I feel it is a duty of mine as a fashion blogger to give you an insight into my wardrobe.

This number is a silk jacket from Zara, a bargain at £70.00. The weight of the fabric creates the back shape and the way it hangs.
As a country we have an exceptional high street, make the most of it and as a rule of thumb if you wouldn't buy it in Libertys' chances are you are just buying it because its cheap. 
Teamed with chelsea boots and a vintage 80s clutch from my Mumma. Also you're mum's old wardrobe will be better than most vintage stores..get rummaging! Trust me.   
On the same day as buying this little number I discovered a sushi store...that delivers.
If take aways are all you crave a new (and healthier) twist is at hand. Presenting You Me Sushi. I had the dumpling raman, which was just mouth watering. Will deliver to most London addresses, and is perfect lunch time filler. 

David Beckham H&M Launch

I've always been into David Beckham's pants...

It's been plastered all over the media. But I was there. And met the man himself. Luck and chance were mainly on our side. But a great day none the less. I might even start liking football (as long as they play in David's new collection of Y fronts).

Even with our special green wrist bands (clashed with my outfit, not surprisingly) we had to wait for 2hrs in the freezing cold snap in a busy Regent Street. We knew Golden Balls had arrived when the crowd surged forward, screamed and the paparazzi clicked away. Even though he was he was wearing a white grandpa's cardy

(Shame he hadn't arrived looking like this).

Rebecca and Mark with our official Beckham Urine. (or Apple juice)

So many pants so little time.. 

Yes he is as gorgeous as you'd think.

Fans clutching David's pants... (no innuendo intended)

The fabulous Rebecca and William. 

'David! I love your Grandpa's cardie, now you spell Beckham..


Victoria who?...

Now on my wall at home.. jealous you say? Don't care, I MET DAVID BLOODY BECKHAM!

Pocket full of dreams

January 2012 started off exceptionally well for me. It was my second trip to New York in 5 months, but second time round I fancied myself as a bit of an expert. Pretending this time that I had a wardrobe to rival Gossips Girls' Blake Lively and that I was going to meet Carrie and the girls for lunch (this I might add did not happen). I opted for a no-fur attire, unlike most of New York in January, a simple fur neck detail sufficed. For all of you who haven't been to New York, here I hope to provide a guide to the Big Apple. Just a few of my highlights, like a girls' perfectly highlighted head of locks. 

The Hudson River, near Soho and the very west of Manhattan. Channelling my Madonna circa 'Desperately Seeking Susan' here.

Oniony breath for the majority of the day was on the cards.

We saw it in the morning (with bagel and coffee in hand) teeming with dog walkers and joggers and got stopped for a chat more than once. Yes. I hear your disbelief Londoners. Stopped by total strangers for a chat. Cost nothing, yet the views and crisp New York winter wind made it a better wake up call, than any starbucks coffee.

You would be a fool to not see the Christmas VM or window displays in the department stores. Bergdorf Goodman being the main contender, near Trump Towers and Central Park. Which were truly amazing. The legendary displays were extravagant fantasies that lived up to my expectations. Little windows from the glossy windows and concrete streets of wonder and fantasy. 

From the grand...

...to the more 'humble'. A skin care shop suggesting ones' skin is as dry as toast. And a chocolate store that looked like Christmas had vomited. 

This is my New York apartment. Well it will be...one day.
More humble than your Bradshaw glossy Manhattan pads, but in Soho with dog walkers and artists strolling around. This red brick building is a slice of what I would want from New York. I could move in tomorrow. 

Christmas in Central Park..frozen lakes and frosty pavements. Unbearably romantic. Beautiful at dusk.

Doing what every tourist does...

The cherry on top of a very gluttonous cake, is the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. Watching the lights of the cascading glass offices click on, gave a sense of anticipation as the sun set and the New York night life descended.