Diana Vreeland

Anyone who is interested in fashion...needs to check this out.

This is one of the greatest Fashion editors, Diana Vreeland. Editor of Hapers Bizarre between (1937-62) she was the original Devil Wears Prada... making Anna Wintour look like as sweet as a kitten.

The documentary 'The eye must travel' is recording of her and her lifes' work as well as an insight into her personal life. So interesting, and a must to anyone who likes fashion 

'I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity'- Diana Vreeland

'The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb'- Diana Vreeland

I love a fashion bitch. And she is the original.

My Christmas in a Cabin

So last year was my first year at University, so I couldn't think of anything better than having a Christmas at home. Seeing my family in Kent and also spending time with friends/family. Dog walks and roast dinners followed by Baileys in front of the Eastenders Christmas special is what christmas is all about. And also being hungover from our Christmas Eve party the night before, so therefore everyone must stay in their Pj's all day.Period.    

Dog walks with the one novelty Christmas present is also a must. 

Spending time with my best friend and her family is another little tradition, even if she is a weirdo. 

So this year is a big year for my family. My dear Mum is turning 60. So to celebrate we have booked her a cabin over christmas in the woods of Middle England, equipped with a hot-tub. We are so excited as for me it means; Champagne, Onesies, dog walks, films and amazing food. So excited to get away from everything and have some chilled out family time, and friends will also be visiting as well. This is what I am envisaging...  

These are the two luxury cabins we've booked...

I am very excited and will obviously post about the trip.


5 things you HAVE to do in Marrakech...
An easy read to sum up my trip there in September and a few tips and tricks. 

1. Visit Marrakech's history 
Go into merrekech and explore it for yourself. Don't be tempted to be a lazy brit on holiday and follow the crowd. Being a young blonde female, I can understand someone's reluctancy about walking around alone in a north african country. But the locals are much more friendly and less aggressive than other northern african countries I've been to. 

2. The heat in Morocco is a perfect tanning weather. Not too hot to be sweating but warm enough to get a deep tan. 

3. Market square, one of THE main attractions in Marrakech. Thousands of Souks (stalls to me and you) with traders selling you everything and anything. Wise up on your exchange rate though, its easy to get flustered with pricing half way through a deal. You can buy anything from traditional spices to live animals. 

They have live animals in the square such as monkey etc and also snake charmers, but don't try and take any pictures of them as they will charge you a small fortune for it. But that aside, the shopping is amazing and walking through the souks make you feel like you're in Aladdin...or whatever the equivalent is. 

4. Hammam, one which you have to try. Me and my Mum wanted to treat ourselves and go to the spa. But there is a traditional Moroccan treatment which we just had to try. Its  called a Hammam, which is a process of steaming, exfoliating and using oils to enhance your tan and re-junvinate the skin. We had the treatment 2 days into the holiday, to prolong our tan. It was very funny as the woman didn't speak any english and therefore was quite rough with the treatment. But she got the job done and my skin felt incredible afterwards. 

5. Yves Saint Laurent Gardens, my favourite part of the whole trip. Amongst the dusty city is this green oasis, designed by the late Yves Saint Laurent and actually where his ashes are spread. It is so beautiful, you could spend hours in there. 

What we (as in the western world) would consider a 'Moroccan' style is in fact been influenced by the french when they invaded.

Christmas 411

So again, its here. The stress of gift buying has already set in for me, and also the pressure of what to wear throughout the season as well as the big days..because its not just Christmas day its 'Christmas Days'...Boxing Day, New Years, Christmas Eve and everything in between. So for you lovely people I have searched the internet for fashion pieces that are my choices for christmas, everything from the ULTIMATE Christmas jumper you wear only once to a sequinned frock for those drunken midnight snogs at New Years. Enjoy kids! 

The Anti- Christmas Jumper
Want something that you can throw underneath that statement coat that keeps the winter chills away...well big knits are everywhere so have picked a few to help you with your choice.

Topshop- Top left, Knitted jumper
Asos- Bottom Left, Menswear jumper
Miss-guided- Middle, Womenswear cross jumper
River Island- Right,  cream faux fur collar cardie

The ULTIMATE Christmas Jumper.
Something I will almost definitely be investing in. Something you can only wear once a year and not look mental. Personally I think the tackier the better. If you want to go to christmas dinner in a jumper with a giant christmas pudding on it....go for it. Think Bridget Jones meets Mark Darcey.

Top left- Asos, Menswear purple christmas jumper
Bottom Left- River island, Menswear christmas jumper
Top Middle- Topshop Hollie Jumper
Middle- River Island, Menswear 
Bottom Middle- Topshop Fairisle by Illustrated people
Top Right- Missguided, Owl jumper
Bottom Right- River Island red christmas jumper.

Practical Shoes 
Party shoes?...must be joking. Far too cold for that nonsense. Investing in a pair of boots that won't let you down and that also look fab. Perfect for keeping those feet toasty. Wearing from office to the pub or too and from uni is weather wearing chic.

Left To Right:
A hotel underneath the northern lights..

....Imagine Christmas Eve here. Amazing.

Boxing Day
Now doesn't have to be just boxing day, but whatever you're doing, these picks are stylish yet festive especially anything tartin. A pair of heels on and the office party is sorted or the obligotory family gatherings can be dressed down with boots and  a coat. 

Little thought...

Festive Frocks
Specifically a christmas themed set of dresses, and a peplum dress for those who want to keep your pins from frost bite.  

Festive tit bits
Little bits and bobs that will be essential for those cold December evenings.